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      I got a line 6 flextone amp and i'm using it with the modfactor and timefactor in the stereo fx loop and with midi

      this amp has 36 presets, they start on program change 1 and go up, i have the eventides changing presets along with the amp

      i'm using the line 6 foot controller, fbv shortbaord, the amp saves presets with fx loop on/off pre preset, and the footswitch lets you stomp it in and out on the fly

      other feature i'm using is the amp sends tap tempo and tuner on one switch, the tap button works on the timefactor but not modfactor (modfactor doubles bpm) so i'm using the reverb switch and it's cc message for tap

      i already have the line 6 footswitch, but if you didn't have that you could use a factor pedal to change presets on the amp using the midi out

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       This is all pretty fascinating since I have a Flextone III+ and an extension cab and would love to be able to use some of these eventide stompboxes with it. Would you mind giving me the idiot's run down on how to hook all of this up? I'm midi illiterate, for sure.

      You can also email me at corey at dognmoon dawt calm if you'd prefer to do it offline.



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      just plug a midi cable from the flextone midi out to the factor's midi in

      I think the default settings will work except one

      turn on program change receive in the factor's utility settings

      then when you change presets on the flextone the factor will change too

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