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      I'm going to buy a modfactor/timefactor in the near future and I'm going to be controlling them via a Liquid Foot Jr.

      I read that you can send bypass commands to the these stompboxes via MIDI, which is amazing, but I need to know if the stompbox responds to that bypass command by engaging its TRUE bypass mode or if it basically just turns the dry/wet knob all the way to "dry".

      I'm hoping for true bypass, but I think that would require an extra bit of effort, so I'm kind of expecting the "dry knob" thing. I think the "dry knob" approach would probably lead to considerable tone-suck.

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      Eventide Staff

      The bypass mode is configurable, to either relay (TRUE) bypass or dsp (wet/dry) bypass.

      This setting will apply to either MIDI bypass or footswitch controlled bypass.

      So, it should do what you want.

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      Guys, your gear and your forums are both ****ing amazing.

      <3 Big Smile

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