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      I have a Space stompbox that I would like to activate and bypass using a Pod HD500X.  The pod can send CC messages.

      I have tried using the learn function:  I went to Midi > Rcv ctl > Bypass > Learn.  I set the pod to transmit a CC number (I have tried several and none work) and I use the learn function on the Space. It learns the CC number that pod sends without difficulty. When I press the corresponding footswitch on the pod that is set to send that CC message, nothing happens on the Space.

      Now, the Space already has some CC functionality programmed in from the factory.. if I set the pod to a CC number that matches one of those, the intended result is successful. For instance.. CC 22 is for High Freq on the Space (I made this up).. if I set the pod footswitch to match, when is press it the changes the High Freq.

      So, the Space is receiving the commands, but I cannot seem to get bypass to work. What am I missing??


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      *******I have solved this already so please disregard!!****** 

      Working settings: Channel 2…  MIDI > RCV CTL > TOGGLE > C0…. Pod set to send CC000 on channel two.

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