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      Using a CAE RS-10 foot controller, I've tried various volume pedals (as the manual says) into the expression pedal jack to send MIDI CC to Pitch Factor.  The CAE doesn't have a pedal calibrate function.

      Reading the PF display while sweeping the pedal, I'm getting 0 to 99.  Not quite an octave.  Not quite good enough:-)  Even shorting tip to sleeve, pedal disconnected, still just 0 to 99.

      Using an expression pedal straight into the PF, 0 to 100 no problem.

      Any ideas of a solution?  Does the PF have a hidden calibrate function that would solve this?

      Thanks in advance,


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      I actually posted the the same question a while back- no response to mine yet.  I use a Gordius MIDI controller, and while my controller does allow me to calibrate expression pedals, I still only get 0-99 rather than 0-100 when controlling my Pitchfactor via MIDI.  As with yours, I still get 0-100 when plugging directly into the Pitchfactor.

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      This may be a case of "it is what it is". Probably the unit is viewing the MIDI max value of 127 as 0.999, which translates to 99%. The direct pedal will be auto-calibrated up to 100%.

      I'll report it as a bug.

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