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      Eventide Staff and Users,

      I am building a pedalboard that will include all three Eventide stompboxes. I want to use an expression pedal with my stompboxes, and will connect it to my MIDI controller, a Liquid Foot Jr.

      Because of space limitations on the board (I want to keep it at 30" x 18"), I cannot add another expression pedal. I just want to have one that I will use with the Eventides as well as one other piece of gear.

      Here is my concern. I have heard from some other Eventide users that MIDI CC implementation is poor with the Eventide stompboxes. One user told me that his ModFactor, for instance, simply cannot be used as a wah pedal if he does not plug his expression pedal *directly* into the MF. If he plugs it into his MIDI controller instead, the response of the MF is much too slow for it to work as a usable wah. And the same is true, he says, for many other effects, including shimmer on the PitchFactor. The common theme I am hearing is that the response time is much too slow.

      Can any other users tell me if they have had success using an expression pedal that is plugged into a MIDI controller instead of directly into the stompbox itself? And if there are known problems with MIDI control of pedals (not with program changes, but with CC primarily), are there plans to fix those problems in further software updates?

      I really want to use all my Eventide stompboxes on this pedalboard, but I must have CC control of some effects/parameters, and the pedal will have to be plugged into my controller, not into the stompboxes themselves.

      Thank you,


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