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      I have a drum machine I would like to start and stop from my TF.  I assinged CC80 message to the ring footswitch.  Because the TF sends CC values 0:127 I have to keep my foot on the switch to keep the drum machine playing, as soon as I lift off the switch it stops.  If I could change the CC value to 1:126 my drum machine would turn on with the first press of footswitch and turn off with next press of footswitch.  So my question is  can I change  the CC values to anything other than 0:127 sent from the TF CC0 to C99 messages



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      Not sure about that, but I would be interested in finding out how to go up and down through the presets.  I need to dig into the manual a little more.  Looks like the most economical auxiliary foot switch is that $40 Digitech 3 switch one – have to check into that as well…

      Later – Mike

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