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      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

      I would like to know the CC number of presets in User 1 group to call with my midi foot switch

      Thanks a lot

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      Hello peaceonu,

      Merry Christmas to you as well. If what you are asking about is how to recall Programs using MIDI, then the Programs on the Playlist can be recalled by sending Program Changes according to the number of the Program you want to recall.

      PC1 = Program 1
      PC2 = Program 2
      PC3 = Program 3

      If what you are asking for is a list of assignable CC numbers, you can find that in the Systems settings under the MIDI category. Under “MIDI – Global Ctl” it’s possible to assign CC#s to various functions that control the H90.

      If you wish to assign CC# to a specific parameter of a Program, this can be done by pressing the Parameters button. 6.4.1 of the user manual explains how to map CC#s across the entire Program.

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        Thanks a lot! it’s a really big help

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      Just wanted to add… All MIDI devices should be assigned a unique CH number, unless your intention is to set all devices to OMNI mode.

      To best specify the device you want to command via MIDI, it’s best to map each to a CH numb.


      Set MIDI from control/Pedal to transmit on CH 2… Set H90 to receive on CH2.

      PC = Select Program within a UserBank (You’ve got to pre-select the User Bank right now).

      CC – Continuous Control (Gain, FX Levels, Times, etc.) Set on each control in a Preset/Algorithm Use to OUTER RING (in Control SW) on EACH CONTROL to set the MiDI CC value RANGE. So you can set a MIN or MAX value using the outer ring and just send CC value of 0 or 127. If you set the OUTER RING to FULL Min/Max… you can increment or decrement any control to accurate value… with MID range being CC value 64.

      Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for the method to change UserBanks via MIDI control.



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        Thank you so much for your help

        Happy new year

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