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      Is there a way for me to send MIDI clock over bluetooth to my H9 from my ipad air runng 8.3?

      I’d like to sync the H9 to apps running on the ipad (Gadget, Animoog, Thor, Loopy, etc…)

      I have MidiBus and MidiBridge installed if that helps.

      I don’t want to spend money on additional hardware if I don’t have to.




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      Unfortunately the Bluetooth connection on the H9 is only able to interact with H9 Control and no midi implimentation is possible.

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      I am using MidiBridge and MidiBus too and use a Quicco Sound mi.1 wireless midi interface to remote control my H9’s from my iPad. I have tried MidiBus thru the mi.1 bluetooth LE connection but the midiclock transmitted this way is very unstable which is very anoying and unusable if used with delays. The iPad with MidiBus running connected thru a midicable to the H9 works very good though and yields a very stable midiclock.

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      Eventide Staff

      The wireless Bluetooth connection is much less tightly coupled than a wired connection, so I would expect it to be much more jittery when used for real time signals like MIDIclock. I don't see a way around this with current hardware.


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