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      Hi there,

      i have used the Modfactor for a while now and just got my Timefactor.

      I have connected the Timefactor as Midi-Send and the Modfactor as Midi-Receive. When tapping a tempo with the Timefactor, the Modfactor gets the new Tempo transmitted, but here's the problem:

      When using Phaser for example, I've set the Speed to 4 Bars, since I like the Phaser slow. As soon as I connect both units via Midi, the Modfactor receives the correct Tempo, but then the "ups and downs" sync with the repeats of the Timefactor. Every beat of the Timefactor (let's say, 100BPM set to 1/4 repeats) the Phaser starts over again from the beginning instead of going up and down for 4 Bars with just the Tempo received from the Midi-Clock (but, as mentioned, the BPM-value itself is received with no problem).

      I hope you understand my problem. Is this normal ? Have I made a mistake when setting up the units ? This seems wrong to me and if not an error by me would make the midi-clock pretty useless to me …

      Thanx in advance, UJR

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      Put Modulation after Delay. No time to explain now. Have explained in previous posts. No-one wants to do this..humans are creatures of (bad) habits.

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      Sorry Mate, but I don't get what you wanna tell me. Are you suggesting I should connect the Modfactor as a Master and the Timefactor as a Slave, midi-wise ?

      If so, there is a reason I want to have the timefactor act as the clock-source, not the other way around … since the timefactor will be most of the time in Play mode for tapping and the Modfactor in various effect modes (bank mode). Plus, there are some effects like chorus where I don't want to tap the tempo (by turning Tempo Off), but that will only work when the Timefactor is Master, not vice versa …

      Anymore suggestions ? Can someone with these two units check this out, please ?

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      Are you suggesting I should connect the Modfactor as a Master and the Timefactor as a Slave, midi-wise ?

      No, it sounded to me that you were running MF into TF (your signal chain). Try TF into MF, I think that will solve the problem. Sorry if I sounded abrupt,  I'm genuinely in the middle of a frantic trauma, wish I had more time to think it through (I'm not sure about the midi stuff here). Anyway, give it a go.

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      I will try that, although to be honest, I don't see how this could help me.

      I wished someone from eventide would give me a hint … i record a short audio sample to demonstrate the exact problem …

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      I'd be interested to hear whether it works. If it does, I'll try to explain.

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      Hi UJR,

      We are looking into this problem and it appears to be a bug.  I will update this thread with the status of our progress addressing this issue. Thanks for pointing it out!


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      Hi there,

      thanks for confirming. I was almost sure this wasn't normal. I'll wait for your answer. Glad you are working on the new software-version anyway. Actually, I'm a little bit surprised that I'm the first to stumble upon this …

      In the meantime, I have connected the MF as master and the TF as slave. Everything seems to be working fine this way. It's not what I wanted originally, but it will work until the problem is solved.


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      Hi there,

      as it appears, Version 3 fixed this problem. Thumbs up, Eventide (and the Midi Clock got a lot better, too).


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