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      Hi, I got a problem, I'm trying to send the bpm from the Modfactor to Space, but everytime I do that the Space freezes.

      I set both the stompboxes on channel 1, Modfactor is sending midi-clock and Space is receiving it, Modfactor is transmitting tip+ ring on cc 80 and Space is receiving tip+ring on cc80.

      But when I connect Space with a midi cable it freezes. If i disconnect the cable it starts to work again and it shows the bpm I sent to it with the Modfactor. When I reconnect the cable and I set a new bpm it freezes again.

      I tried different midi cables and it always happens the same.

      I don't know what to do. I know Modfactor is working properly, 'cause I can send the midi-clock to a TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 without problems. 

      I tried also to send the midi-clock to Space thru the Alter Ego, but it keeps freezing.

      What can I do to solve the problem?

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      I tried to send bpm from Space to Modfactor.

      Space was able to send it but sometimes Modfactor freezes, sometimes it doesn't receive midi-clock if the bpm is more then 60 and when it receive it the tempo led is blinking not at the same time of the Space one (it starts slower and the goes faster).

      I tried with the Space and the Alter Ego and it works without problems.

      I noticed also that the tempo led on Space doesn't blink alaways at the right time: I checked with 2 metronomes. It starts at the same time, but then it blinks two times faster then the metronomes so it goes out of bpm.

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      Eventide Staff

      Not sure why you are sending the tip and ring – I would suggest you disable this. You might want to consider a "clear setup", and then just send clock from one unit and receive from the other, with not much else going on.

      MIDIclock does not have a beat indication – it just sends tempo (quarter notes), so there is no reason why the lights would flash at the same instance in time.

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      Thanks for the suggestion, I disabled everything except the midi clock and now it works! Yes

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