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      I have a MIDI pedal I use with my H9. I use a PC message to load a Looper preset, but how can I exit the Looper preset? Is this possible via MIDI?

      The problem seems to be that when I do a long-press on the right foot switch of the MIDI pedal (via MIDI this is the Increment Preset function), it doesn’t send a long press to the H9. It just sends a regular press.

      Is there any way to exit the Looper Mode with a dedicated CC message?

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      You exit the Looper (which is a preset) by loading another preset. This requires a foot-press or a MIDI PC (not CC – sorry).

      Another way to think about it – you only need to exit the Looper if you want to use a different preset.



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      I thought that might be the case. I was hoping for a way to switch back to the preset I was using before the Looper. This’ll do though!

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