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      Hi everyone,

      I would like to control the Timefactor with the Modfactor through Midi. Basically what I want is when I change from bank 1:1 to 1:2 or 2:1 I'd like the Timefactor to change to this bank too. I'm really not sure how to setup Midi for this. I downloaded the latest software, set the Modfactor as the master and the timefactor as  slave. What would be the next step.

      Any help would be awesome.

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      Once you decide which stompbox is the master you'll want to connect the MIDI OUT from the master into the MIDI IN of the slave.

      On the master (In your case, ModFactor,) enter System Mode by holding down both the Right Footswitch and the Encoder button.

      In System Mode Enter the MIDI menu and PGM XMT. This stands for Program Transmit. Enter this menu and turn it ON. 

      Now when you change presets on the Master, the slave will change presets as well.

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      Thanks, that was easy. Banks, presets and tap tempo work perfectly. Could you bypass the Timefactor through the Modfactor? 

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      With the latest software you can program certain preset locations to Bypass the unit when called up via MIDI Program Change.

      In the System Mode of the slave pedal, enter the MIDI menu and go to RCV MAP.

      In the RCV MAP menu you will see a MIDI Program Change number on the left and the corresponding stompbox preset on the right. You can change the direction of the blinking arrow by pressing the left or right footswitch.

      With the blinking arrow pointing left, select the preset you want that will Bypass the unit.

      Then press the right footswitch to point the blinking arrow to the right. Turn the Encoder counter-clockwise until you see BYP. A setting of BYP means that the stompbox will go into Bypass when it receives that MIDI Program Change command.

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      I have a similar question and hope you might be able to answer:

      I'm sending a midi tempo from an external device, to two Factors. The PF is first, the TF is second. To make them sync, the PF has to be set to Output XMT. If it's set to THRU, the TF cannot lock in on the tempo. But when I also send the PF and TF each a Program Change from my Midi Mitigator (RFC-1), the message does not transmit via the PF to the TF unless the PF is set to THRU (which then defeats the clock). 

      I have set up a map, but it seems only to work when using the PF buttons themselves and not when receiving a message from the RFC-1. (I'll mess around with this some more to make sure, but my primary objective is to have the RFC-1 transmit its multiple messages to each unit AND to allow the tempo info to be intact. I do have the channel numbers correct.

      Thanks in advance… Paul

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      Eventide Staff

      Make sure your MIDIclock out on the PF is off. It should then work in THRU.

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