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      Hello – I am hoping that someone on this group has a bit of experience controlling parameters in Octavox in Logic Pro using MIDI commands sent from a hardware controller.

      So far I’m OK with 2 state functions like On/Off – assigning a controller number and then sending the value 127 from my MIDI footpedal makes the parameter alternate between its two states.

      Things get tricky with parameters like Interval which has multiple states (28). Assigning a controller number and then sending value 127 from a switch on the footpedal makes the interval step through its values one at time. This is fine for me and exactly what I want one of the switches on my MIDI footpedal to do. However I also want to use a switch on the footpedal to ‘reset’ the interval to Unison.

      Clicking the plug-in parameter itself sends a series of MIDI messages – whatever is the assigned controller number combined with a series of values. The value for Unison is 64. However, sending that controller number with value 64 from the MIDI foot switch has no effect on Octavox. It’s like Logic is taking the incoming MIDI and doing something with it but I’m not sure what?

      Any help with this is really appreciated – thanks in advance

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      I’m sorry but Octavox does not have the ability to directly map these parameters within the plug-in, the mapping is being done via Logic so we cannot offer support for how that is working.

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