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      I have a Time Factor on order and after reading the manual I have a question around Tap tempo MIDI CC assignments. I also have an Eclipse and one of the many cool things with this unit is the ability to learn MIDI CC's which I understand the Time Factor also supports. However The Eclipse will accept MIDI CC's from different MIDI channels, which allows for example, on the Ground Control MIDI controller, 1 switch to send CC's to the primary MIDI unit (in my case a Pod Pro XT) for Tap Tempo and also to the Eclipse which is on a different MIDI channel, but due to the learn feature will accept the CC information. The benefit being only one tap tempo switch on the Ground Control needs to be assigned, rather than two. Is this possible on the Time Factor ?

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       According to the manual CCs don't have a specific user selectable MIDI channel. This means they will work on the system preference of either OMNI or a single selected MIDI channel.


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