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      Hi, I'm currently trying to figure out how to use the time factor as a slave to an external midi clock. I'm inexperienced with general midi stuff so I'm not sure exactly how to express this but here goes;

       I want to use the loop function as a slave to an external source, such as a drum computer. The problem is that I need my drummer to keep in time with the loop I create which is proving problematic as he can't seem to keep to it. I was thinking that If he has a drum computer with a headphone out function and also midi capabilities then this might remedy the timing issue – the idea being that the click track on the drum computer is the 'master' tempo and the loop on the time factor responds to this.

      Is this feasable?

      Does anyone have any experience of using the T.F midi function as a 'slave' coupled with the 'loop' setting?

      I also read that the tempo calibration on the T.F is not quite correct. Does this have any bearing on the T.F as a midi 'slave'?

       Hope you can understand this, any help appreciated.


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