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      here's a great way to use both modfactor and timefactor

      get 2 midi cables, run in's to outs

      turn on midi program change transmit for both pedals, i think you can leave the rest default

      limit modfactor to banks 1-10
      limit timefactor to banks 11-20

      as mentioned in other posts they sync up by default, one goes to bank 1:1 and the other follows

      in this setup you are using all 40 presets but you don't have to scroll through 20 banks you only scroll through 10

      still not as natural as what i'm used to which is bank up and bank down, i'd like it if the bank buttons could be programmed to sync up and have one go up and one go down

      **feature request**

      not exactly sure yet but i think ideally an option to tandem the two pedals so there's 4 presets and bank up/down for both (3 button aux or the pedals buttons could be presets or individual pc or cc…), although the way it is now it is good to have them both show their bank so you can still stompbox one or the other off after choosing a preset…

      for now i have aux pedal y cabled to both boxes so switches programmed as follows

      aux 1 is bank down, aux 2 switches both pedals to play mode quickly so you get your repeat or brake button, and aux 3 is set to tap tempo on both boxes

      pretty sweet setup you have 4 presets at your feet, two shorter banks to scroll through and you can switch to play mode instantly

      atatched is my modfactor midi dump with this configured, couldn't atatch 2 dumps so the other one is in another post called shared settings, if anyone figures out how to load these presets from pc to the pedals let me know…

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