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      Hi, was hoping someone may be able to help. I combed through the manual but couldn't find anything related to my issue, so it may not be possible. 

      I am controlling the expression pedal via MIDI and was wondering if there was a way to have PitchFactor parameters adjust themselves to the pedal's position when switching between presets.

      For example, I switch to the Nice Chorus preset, which is already set up to have the expression pedal control the Feedback.

      When I switch to that preset, I usually push the pedal down until I hear the amount of Feedback I'd like to get. I leave the pedal in this position and start the clean part of a song. 

      For the next part of the song, I must bypass the effect. When I come back to this same part I re-activate the NiceChorus preset. However, now the preset has re-adjusted the Feedback to be the value stored and NOT the value I set with the expression pedal. 

      Is there any way to have PitchFactor parameter values that are controlled by the pedal automatically adjust to the pedal's position upon selecting a preset? 

      This is probably confusing and I'd be happy to clarify if any info can be given about this.

      Thanks, marino

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – there is not. Presets load with the saved values (otherwise you'd never know what they were going to sound like). They only respond to the pedal when it is moved.

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