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      I am getting latency with my Nektar Pacer MIDI controller. I want to use HS1-HS3 but there is latency when engaging and bypassing these controls via MIDI. Enough to drive you crazy and take you out of the playing zone.

      Is this how it is? Can it be improved? Is there a MIDI controller that works better out there? Am I better off with non midi footswitches? The performance using the buttons on the H90 is perfect and I would like to replicate that.

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      Switching programs is definitely more laggy also via MIDI compared to the H90 switches.

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      Eventide Staff

      Can you provide more information about your setup?

      Is the MIDI controller connected directly to the H90?

      Does the MIDI controller work faster with other MIDI devices or guitar pedals?

      I am not experiencing any lag when turning the HotSwitches on/off using MIDI CCs. It’s very fast and responsive.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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