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      I’m having an issue with sending midi information to my eventide H9 from the KMI Soft step 2.

      I am sending program change messages from the SoftStep 2 into an iConnectivity Audio4+ and out of the MIDI DIN of the iConnectivity to the MIDI IN of the Eventide H9.

      My issue seems to be that upon initialization, the first PC change is received by the H9, but successive ones do not work.

      If I send any midi CC change from the SoftStep 2 followed by the PC change, it works. I tried setting up a preset on the KMI SoftStep 2 where I send a ‘ghost’ midi CC change on foot off, which solves the problem, but then my pedal CC changes are not received by the H9.

      I have verified that the intended midi messages are being transmitted from the soft step when connected to my Mac using midi monitor, and also thru an iPad connected to the iConnectivity using the midi wrench app. Any thoughts? KMI support seems to think it could be a midi running status issue, as in the H9 does not support midi running status, or that my midi settings on the H9 are such that it is not supporting midi running status. 

      Has ayone encountered such an issue?


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      It was the iConnectAudio4+ from iConnectivity – it defaults to midi running status ‘off.’ Once I changed this, everything worked fine. I know this may be an uncommon setup, but it may affect other devices communicating with the H(, so I’ll leave this here.

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