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      Just bought a G Lab GSC-3 foot controller which has midi capability.

      I’m trying to use this unit to change presets on my TF and MF and cannot get it to work at all. I’ve reset both units to factory and have both set to OMNI. I’ve set the GSC to output Program Change and yet the units don’t do anything when I send a PC command. I know that midi program change commands are being generated – if I plug the midi lead into my G Lab MAC 4.4 then it receives the command (lights on the unit display this) and my amp changes channels based on the program change. What’s also interesting is if I set either of my pedals to midi thru and send the midi into the devices and back to the MAC 4.4 nothing appears to mirrored on the out/through midi output..

      Given that this is happening on both units I’m at a bit of a loss.

      Appreciate any advice.



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      Eventide Staff

      I have no ideas. Seems unlikely that both units would have the same fault.

      My guess is that it is some kind of cabling or connection problem at your end, but hard to say what.

      Sorry not to be much use – this may be one that cannot be remotely diagnosed. Things to try:

      1) Different cables

      2) Re-initialize the unit (again)

      3) There is a MIDI self test on the Factors – power up with left button held down. Connect a cable between MIDI in and out. Turn the knob until it says "xx MIDI test". Push the knob. Let it run for a few minutes. It should say PxE0T0, where x is some number. If there is a non-zero number after the E or T, this indicates a hardware problem.

      4) Talk to GSC – there may be issues that you are unaware of.






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      Found it.

      The issue was that I also had the USB cable in and was using H9 Control – the units responded perfectly once the USB cable was renoved.



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