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      I’m using two H9s and have a tap tempo switch connected to the first one. The first H9 is on midi channel 1 the 2nd is on 2. Reason being that I switch patches via a Musicomlab MKIV.
      With the new Merge option: can I have the tempo switching on H9 number 1 passed on to the 2nd H9? So midi clock send out on Omni instead of channel 1?

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      I tried using Thru+C on the first H9 but that only sends out midi clock across midi channel 1 which is not received by the 2nd H9 which is listening on channel 2. 

      I could also go with midi program receive maps on both H9 pedals but that defeats the whole purpose of a looper pedal in the first place which offers that functionality in one device/dashboard. 

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      … but MIDI Clock is channel independent.  That is – as a System Real Time message -it would be received no matter what MIDI Channel is dialed in.  MIDI Clock is always ‘Omni’, so you should be all set (assuming that all other MIDI Clock options are set up correctly in both H9’s).

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      Mr.Brock beat me to it. Most likely, your H9's are either not set up to send MIDIclock, or not set up to receive it.

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