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      I watched the video about controlling all three stompboxes via one expression pedal. The Modfactor seemed to not have the "PDL" display when I brought up the RCV CTL in the midi menu.  I tried initializing all three stompboxes to make sure I did not set something wrong but the Modfactor never showed the PDL >C15 display.

      My pitch factor did not control the other 2 boxes when I slaved the other two to it in MIDI.

      Is there any common mistakes amongst eventide users in the MIDI programming that would prevent the use of one expression pedal for all three stompboxes?



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      Hi Kon,

      In the latest ModFactor software you'll find PDL towards the end of the MIDI RCV CTL list. after "FS3" and before "ACT".

      Make sure you are looking in ModFactor's RCV CTL menu and not the CTL XMT menu.

      Start with just a master and slave pedal first and then when you get that working, add the third pedal. Let me know how it goes!


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