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      I'm starting to experiment with MIDI Moose and PirchFactor.  I'm getting to grips with the idea of setting the MIDI Moose to change PF presets.  

      I'm getting more than a little confused about how to set the Moose and the PF to be able to change presets on the MF and PF.  Any help would be appreciated.  

      I'd like one setting to BYPASS all three pedals.  I was able to set a preset/swtich on the MIDI Moose to do that.  So making that MIDI Moose BYPASS all three to run a clean bass signal would be great.   

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      I watched the video about setting the PF to change the other 2 pedals and got that to work.  Although the programmed changes may not be what I want.  

      I want to be able to do things like a Moose preset/program that triggers 25:2 only.  And another Moose preset/program that triggers 25:2 with some TF.  Or another that has 25:2 with TF and MF added.  

      That's the part I can't figure out yet:  How to connect the TF and MF to receive MIDI commands/preset choices from the Moose via the Pitchfactor  and 'link' a PitchFactor preset to turn on a specific MF or TF preset via MIDI.

      Sorry if I'm not using the correct.  I grew up in the world of Ampeg and tape.  This is all new.  

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      Looks like I've answered my own question.  Got them talking to each other after fiddling.  Not sure if I remember how I did but will review and make some notes so that I don't forget.  

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      Hi Steve.

      I hope you're well and still enjoying your Eventide's.

      I also have a TF and a MF…… Also a midi moose. 

      How did you manage to set yours up? I'm looking to save presets on the MF/TF and access them through the moose (probably what you've done). Can you help? At the moment the moose will only scroll through the presets on the MF (which its plugged directly into), do I need to change some MIDI settings on the MF/TF?

      Best wishes.


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      I'm on the road for the next week or so.  I don't have my board with me.  I remember eventually understanding what the manual was telling me.  Took  bit for me to grasp since MIDI is new to me.  I will reply in detail the week of April 22 if you haven't sorted it out.   

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