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      As a bit of a noob when it comes to midi Im having a bit of a problem getting my TF to bypass I have a  G-Labs GCS-2 (excellent BTW) it has six loops which I have filled with my other pedals (my TF is in my amps effects loop) , it switches the channels on my amp and it does midi. I have a software UI that allows me to make presets of my stompboxes,channels and midi devices. I have programmed it to include various banks on my TF but after switching  back to a preset without delay my TF doesnt bypass, it stays on the last called bank. It`s probably something really simple but I cant find it

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      TimeFactor can be put into Bypass via a MIDI Continuous Controller message. This can be set in the System Mode's MIDI/RCV CTL menu.

      You pick a MIDI CC number that you want to use and set your G-Labs to transmit a MIDI CC message on that same controller number in order to Bypass the TimeFactor.

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