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      I’m trying to trigger the interval pads from midi and am running into a strange problem where there are certain buttons I just can not trigger.  I was able to do this before but have been mucking around with the notemaps and editing them in an XML editor.

      I’m trying to go back to square one and have factory reset Misha and am following the notemaps on page 34 of the 1.1 manual.   Yet for some reason there are still some buttons I can’t get to trigger or they’re trigging something other than intended.

      So I’m thinking maybe I’ve messed up something in the XML files that perhaps the factory reset isn’t fixing?   Eventide gurus, would I need the contents of a fresh SD card?  Anyway to get that?

      Also, can you PLEASE document the values in the midinotemap.xml?  That would be really helpful.

      FWIW, this is what I’m trying to get working.  This template worked fine when I first got my misha, but I can’t get back to that setup and want to rule out that I screwed up an XML file.



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      OK – what’s wrong has nothing to do with Misha!

      For some reason the Erae touch is moving the notes I’ve assigned to the misha like pads (I created this template) DOWN two octaves.

      The Erae touch has an octave selector (the +/- buttons on the left) but they are not working with the custom buttons I drew.   I think this is a bug or they need to add a toggle so buttons can be exactly the note# you want or relative to the selected octave.

      Using a regular keyboard I was able to determine that the midi notes I’m trying to use are the right ones.  And temporarily while I figure this out, I was also able to compensate for the offset and got it working.

      Next up I need to program some buttons to use CC’s to change the scale and other things.

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      Eventide Staff

      Glad to hear that you’ve figured out what is causing the issue. Nice Job setting up the Erae touch UI to match the Misha interval button color scheme!

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