Midi PC’s reseting Presets and cutting off spillover on H9

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      Hi, love my H9. I use it with a Kemper profiler in it effect loop. I change presets and bypass using midi messages sent on my Kemper amp. However, whenever the H9 receives the same message twice it resets the preset and cuts off the delays abruptly. For example, let’s say I want to go from clean to dirty on my Kemper and change my Kemper preset. However, suppose I want to use the same H9 preset on both sounds, which for my example is triggered by midi PC #5. Since I want to use Preset #5 in my H9 on both Kemper presets. Suppose that I’m using a delay with a fairly long trail on the H9. I have to program the Kemper to only send PC #5 on the first of the presets I plan on using; otherwise if the H9 recieves the same message again, it cuts off the trail of the delay and resets I guess. 

      Is there anyway to set up the H9 to not change anything if it gets the same message again? If it’s already on preset #5, why does it have to hickup and reset like it’s changing presets when it is receiving a message telling it to go to preset #5. This seems like a very simply fix, something that could be chosen as a preference. Perhaps there’s some folks that want it to reset when getting the same message again. 

      The only workaround for me is to lay out in some cases several more presets inside my Kemper than I need, simply to avoid ever sending the H9 the same message twice in a row. 

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