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      I just bought an axcess mfc5 foot controller to run my TF/MF, and for some reason can't get either pedal to recognize the axess. I have the Mf 1st in line switched to omni receive, and channel 1 transmit, and the TF set to ch 1 receive. the two boxes are working togerther, but i can't get them to recognize the axess. anyone have a similar problem?
      I'm sure it's something really simple.

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      How do you have everything connected? 

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      Just a thought, But did you program the MFC5? Out of the box it doesn't transmit anything. You have to program. Even if just simple Presets on one midi channel 1 = 1.1 2 = 1.2 3 = 2.1 Yeah know it's a pain but worth it in the end. I have had my MFC5 for a few years and it works great.


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      yup, silly me, I thought it would work right out of the box like the other controllers i have used.
      Thanks for the help, Paul

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