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      I have a specific problem.

      I run my pedalboard with a midi controller that goes into timefactor that goes into line6 m5.

      When i use midi thru on timefactor, my m5 responds only to pc24 and not further (because it has only 24 presets). But if I use XMT out on timefactor, chaning presets on timefactor effects presets on m5 (and that is what I am looking for).

      BUT, the problem goes when I change a preset on timefactor via my midi controller, the timefactor doesn't change the midi program on line6 m5. And my question is why NOT? It is THE function i need, and I don't have it…

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      I just got an M5. Assuming you have everything set up right (program change map / midi transmit etc) I can see why it would be annoying that the TF doesn't transmit program change info when changed from a MIDI controller.

      BUT I guess the question is, if you're using a MIDI controller why not operate the TF and the M5 independently anyway? It will have the same effect as the TF controlling the M5 and will take just as long to set up.

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