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      I use Ableton as sequencer.

      – How do I control de controls as feedback,decay etc etc…??

      – Where do I find a list with the midi nr's + action (feedback, decay etc..

      I use other outboard stuff and always know how to, but in a way, I cant figure it ut with my Eclipse…


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      on Eclipse parameters are not hardwired to CCs. You need to patch CCs to Parameters in every preset.

      Under SETUP > EXTERNAL you will find 16 Externals, if you have the latest OS version. Each one is a placeholder for a hardware or MIDI CC. You choose which CCs to use here.

      Then highlight any parameter in a preset that you want to MIDI remote, press and hold its Soft Key to call up <MODULATE>, enter this area and choose the External # you want to patch to this parameter, then set up the others parameters to precisely control the parameter. Repeat for any other parameter.



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