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      I'm using Ableton Live to control several pieces in my rig and I have it successfully sending midi program change or tempo change messages to the TimeFactor. 

      However, I can only seem to have one or the other as I can't seem to get tempo changes to work in bank mode (Play mode only).

      My question is there a way that I can, change banks (presets) and then use that preset for several songs while having the tempo sync to the DAW?

      – Kevin

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      Have you tried using the Midi Clock? The TF accepts clock in, so it might be something to try. That way, all you have to do is send clock changes (I don't know if this is possible though).

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      Hi Roobin – thanks for the reply.

      Yes – I already have "MIDI CLK = ON" in the system settings. 

      However, I figured it out – simple really – one has to enable "tap tempo = on" for the bank (click encoder once – so that you see the tempo light blinking) then save the bank. Viola – now every time I come back to that bank and/or change midi tempo – the TimeFactor follows.

      Which makes a lot of sense as you would want the option NOT change tempos on space mod effects (e.g. chorus-y effects, etc.)

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