Midi question for H9 with DMC 4 Midi pedal.

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      Hey guys,

      Need some help with some thing.

      I currently have a 1st gen DMC 4 connected to my H9. 

      I can get it to pull up 4 presets (1 for each button) and turn them on but when I press on the switch again it will NOT turn off the preset. I currently set a footswitch to bypass for now to make it work.

      Is there a midi setting that I can use that will allow me to activate and bypass a preset all on one footswitch? 


      Ricky Rod

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      I was experiencing the same issue with a DMC-6D and a Space, please read the last post on this thread: http://forum.eventide.com/cs/forums/p/9961/45841.aspx#45841

      I hope that works for you.

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