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      I can't figure out why everytime I edit a preset in vsigfile the remote midi controler function gets lost. I want to assign an external midi controler to the preset parameteres but for some reason the function (hold select) on a parameter doesn't appear. Is there something I need to do after editing my presets? 

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      unfortunately it's not clear what you mean.

      Please provide the folliwng for us, to try to replicate your issue:

      -Eventide unit

      -OS version

      -VSIGFILE version

      -a step by step description of what you do and what you expect the software to do for you.




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      the problem I'm having refers to the midi capture function that allows you to assign a midi controller to a button. (Holding select on a parameter button>then midi remote window appears) I then enter a full controller value to set the remote but when i click "done" i get a error with a loud constant squeek noise. This only happens after editing a preset in vsigfile otherwise it works fine. I guess what im trying to figure out is what im doing wrong while editing.  Is it something to do with the function under tools called convert N_EXTCON to remoter? Im lost.. 

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       This looks like an old bug.

      Again…which Eventide unit? Which OS? Which VSIG version?



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