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      Hi guys,

      I've been reading a lot of threads over at TGP suggesting that the factor stompboxes use more current when MIDI is in use?  I personally think that this is not a fact and would like to get clarification from someone at Eventide if this in fact is true.  If it isn't, then I'm going to simply educate the next person that makes that claim (for lack of a worse word).


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      Eventide Staff

      We have no knowledge or information that suggests this to be the case.

      The bulk of the power the unit uses goes to the display and overall overhead – any tiny amount resulting from changes in dynamics of the system caused by increased MIDI activity would probably have little proportionate effect.

      But, maybe someone knows something we don't ….

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      I have seen this listed too, I think it was on one of the power supply companies.

      I did think it was odd when I read it.

      Great to hear the record put straight 

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