Midi Sync Instability on all factor pedals?

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      I am having quite a bit of trouble syncing my space pedal to any sort of midi clock, especially using ableton live.

      The bmp readout is erratic, and it takes at least a minute for the space to settle on the actual bpm. This causes a lot of glitches, when using synced effects.

      I have a number of synths/processors/modules running off of midi clock, and I don't experience this issue anywhere near as drastically as I do the space.

      Eventide, this has been an issue since 2009, when are you guys going to fix it?

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      Eventide Staff

      Make sure you have the latest software version.

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      I do have the latest software/firmware. 

      I've read through the majority of posts related to this issue. I'm afraid it's the pedal/coding itself that's causing the problem. Even with the clock filter on.

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      Eventide Staff

      Can you confirm the version # in the Space from the system mode?  How are you connected via MIDI?  Are you chaining a bunch of MIDI devices together, and if so, where is the Space in that chain?  

      Basically, we need more detail on your setup.  

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      I'll recommend having the Factor pedals connected with a midi splitter rather than daisy chaining them.  

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