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      i am trying to sync them but have no luck, if i set the tempo on timefactor the pitchfactor gets the tempo right, but the flashing lights goes out of sync even when bpm stays the same, why is that?

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      Hi. Just to get an idea of your settings, did you:

      -Turn MIDI Clock OUT to ON on the Master Pedal?

      -Turn MIDI Clock IN to ON on the Slave pedal?

      -Connect MIDI OUT from the Master to MIDI IN on the Slave?

      -Set MIDI OUTPUT to XMT on the Master Pedal?

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      Thanks for reply,

      I had these settings except my master midi output was set to THRU, now i changed it to XMT, but that didn't solve the problem.

      when i tap the tempo on master device (Timefactor) – slave (Pitchfactor) tries to match the bpm and sometimes it gets the tempo not right. For example if i tap 100 BPM on master, slave reads it as 99 BPM.

      But even if it gets the tempo right it does not flash in sync , maybe it has something to do with midi start messages??

      I am trying  to use harpegiator on Pitchfactor and add some delay from timefactor so any small sync errors sounds awful

      Also should i set TEMPO ON on both devices?

      also should i turn TEMPO ON on both devices ?

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      Eventide Staff

      MIDIclock does not have a beat indication, so there is not way to guarantee that the tempo lights will flash in sync.

      Because MIDI tempo is a fairly rough system, it should not be used for long term tempo sync – things will drift.

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      I solved the problem :
      I use Roger Linn Adrenalinn III as master midi clock source and from there signal goes to Midi thru box which splits signal to Timefactor and Pitchfactor.

      now the effects sync perfectly, but  there is a problem with a looper sync. it goes of sync. It starts playback when i push play on my master midi clock device (that means it receives midi clock ), but it still does not stay on the midi clock for long.

      any suggestions on that? or maybe its a bug?


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