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      hello everybody

      I have a boss rc 50 loop station and eventide pitch factor ..

      I want to midi sync them with the loop station being the master and eventide

      the slave … How do I do that ??

      In particular … what i want is to sync the tempo ..

      any ideas … your help is appreciated


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      Hi jrbs,

      In PitchFactor's System Mode under MIDI, make sure CLK IN is set to ON and CLK OUT is set to OFF.

      You also have to make sure that PitchFactor's RVC CH (Receive Channel) is either OMNI or matches that MIDI Channel of the Boss pedal.

      Make sure PitchFactor is in Tempo Mode (Press the Encoder Button in PLAY or BANK Mode to toggle Tempo.)

      Doing these things will prepare PitchFactor for receiving MIDI Clock from the Boss. 

      You may have to check the Boss User Guide to determine how to set it up for transmitting MIDI Clock.

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      hey achaput

      this is jrbs

      I did what you said and  what I get is this …

      the sounds coming out of the pitch has sync with the drums themselves instead of my bass ..

      in other words … when you hear the drums … you also hear

      one of the pitch factors sounds coming out .. what i want is to play the different sounds

      out of my bass but to rhythmically sync to my drums … In other, other words

      if my boss is at 75 bpm ….. I want the pitch to be at 75 bpm without having to HEAR the pitch

      sounds in playing along with my drums .. only my bass ..

      I hope I made sense …

      love love the product though … i will love it more if i can get it to do what i hope for


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      Strange… how do you have everything connected??

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