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      Hi everybody,

      First of all I apologize if this question has already been answered.  I browsed through this forum a bit but I could not find my exact problem.

      I am using a Musicomlab EFX MkIII as the audio controller for my pedalboard.  I would like to connect my Boss FS-5U to the XPDL jack on the Musicomlab, and then send a tap tempo to the Timefactor via MIDI.

      I was thinking that I could assign a transmit channel on the Musicomlab and then have the Timefactor "listen" to the same channel for the tap function, but for some reason I haven't had any luck.

      Any thoughts?  Thanks!

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      Still no luck with this. In the EFX I can program the MIDI channel and controller number. I am using the same channel on the EFX and for the tap function on the TF. What controller number should I be using?

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      Connect the FS-5U to the Xpdl-input. (I have my polarityswitch to the right, but I don´t know if it matters.)

      EFX MkIII:

      Enter Editmode (hold Mode-switch until it reads PC.1)

      Press PS-1-switch until it reads ESW (it almost looks like ESu with a line over the u).

      Press PS-3-switch and change the controllernumber to (in my example) 12.

      Press Mode-switch again to step out of editmode.


      Enter System-mode


      RCV CTL

      Change the left field from BYP to TAP

      Push the right footswitch (choosing the right field) and turn the decoder to example C12. I personally choose this because often the CC-numbers up to 11 are standard for certain parameters.

      Just check that the two units speak with eachother on the same channel…


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