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      Hey guys,

      I'm planning to use the TF as a Midi controller for the MF. I had a G-minor, which worked cool as a midi controller. Only problem was  that I couldn't use one expression pedal to control both units with Midi. 

      Is there a chance to programm the footswitches of the TF, that when I bypass the unit it will bypass the Modfactor as well. The opposite way of course too. Saving a preset on the modfactor in bypass and activate it with the TF.  Same thing in Play Mode….when you need the repeat on the Timefactor and the slow/fast switch on the MF to just step on the TF to activate both or to bypass them.

      Last question: Seems like the footswitches are always active in bank mode. Is there another way to programm them. I mean that when I need a sound with just the chorus active to just hit the 1:1 preset on the TF without activating it? Hope I gave you an idea =)

      Did anybody had experience connecting a mono Ernie Ball Volume pedal with both factors through a y-cable? I don't want to spend 240€ for the stereo version.

      Thanks                                                                                                                                                                 Daniele

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      Hi Daniele,

      The way to do what you are asking with the footswitches is to get a 3-button aux switch and a y-cable so you can connect it to both Factor pedals at once. You can program the aux switch to do whatever you want.

      You should be able to use a y-cable with an expression pedal also if you want to control both Factor pedals.

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      Thanks for the quick reply. I'm planning to get the Pitchfactor as well. What do you think is the best way to control all of them. I used a G-minor which worked pretty well. Bank up/down/bypass/repeat/brake function worked well.  It's just the fact that I can't control all three pedals with an expression pedal through Midi that makes it a little complex now. 

      Do have any other ideas about the expression pedal to control all three factors?

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