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      wel, my timefactor is not sending on midi clock or any midi info from midi in to its midi output . in other words the “THRU ” midi out is not working.any ideas?

      ut it does change patch and recognize midi clock (in)

      soleman midi out 2 tto timefactor and then line 5 also noticed its not sending midi clock generated by soleman midi pedal


      any ideas? turd midi cable maybe?

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      Eventide Staff

      There's not much that can go wrong here. Check and see if it will send any internally generated MIDI, e.g. clock or PC. (Change to XMT).

      And, as you suggest, try different cables.


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      turns out I had my usb cable connect to h9 which i guess disables midi thru. anyway emoved us cable and midi thru works great.

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