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      I'm trying to configure a midi foot controller to use with the timefactor. I know that I can assign a program change number to a button on the foot controller to call up a particular preset. And that's fine for a particular song.

      But what if, during an improv jam session, I want to scroll up or down through the timefactor's 100 presets to select one? I know that Eventide provides us with BK + and BK – parameters that can be assigned continuous controller messages, but there doesn't seem to be a midi parameter to select one of the two presets in each bank. What am I missing? Any ideas?

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      The FS1 and FS2 choices will activate the first or second preset in a
      bank, but to use this you have to keep TimeFactor in PLAY mode.

      MIDI foot controllers can be set to increment/decrement Program Changes
      with single button pushes. You'll have to check the manual of your foot
      controller to see if it can do that.

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      I've build one myself, because I can't find a small midi controller that only send programm change messages and has only a up and down switch.

      Works with MF and TF to, but they behave a little strange because they change their active/bypass different.

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      Thanks for the info about FS1 and FS2.

      I wonder what the design logic is that requires you to change to play mode in order to select one of two presets in the bank, and then change back to bank mode in order to continue banking up or down. While we are wondering about that, my midi foot controller can be assigned multiple commands for each button press, so it can handle this.

      But I haven't seen anything in its manual that would allow it to increment or decrement program changes with a single button push.

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