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      i'm following the instruction videos about using midi to control one 'factor with another.

      i'm having no joy with any of the three things i'm trying:  the clock, the exp pedal, or the general program transmit.  

      i've tried different midi cables and tried sending from MF to TF, and TF to MF.  The only thing that's happening is the tempo of the slave becomes disabled.  Any troubleshooting suggestions appreciated!  

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      Eventide Staff

      Make sure that:

      1) MIDI output is set to THRU.

      2) CLK IN of the 2nd is set to ON

      3) CLK OUT of the 1st is set to ON

      4) XMT MAP is suitably set

      5) PGM XMT is set to ON

      6) XMT CC (PDL) is suitably set

      etc etc…

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      Thanks Nick. 

      I've still not any midi working. Could you have a look at my settings:

                              MODFACTOR  >  TIMEFACTOR

                              MIDI OUT/THRU  >  MIDI IN

      RCV CH           off                          omni

      XMT CH            1                           1

      RCV CTL       BYP < —               BYP < —

      XMT CC        PDL < C15            PDL < OFF

                             TIP < C15              TIP < OFF

      RCV MAP     0 > 1.1 etc             O > 1.1 etc

      XMT MAP     1.1 < 0 etc              1.1 < 0  etc

      CTL XMT       off                            off

      PGM XMT      on                           off

      OUTPUT        XMT                       THRU

      CLICK IN       off                          on

      CLICK OUT    on                         off

      CLK FLT         off                          off

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      Your settings look right. Make sure a USB cable is NOT plugged in as this would disable the MIDI ports.

      MIDI Clock only works on presets with Tempo ON. Do you have Tempo ON on both stompboxes?

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      No USB's plugged in. Tempo is on in both pedals. Makes no difference if I swop the pedal order, no MIDI is going anywhere.

      Am I missing something obvious? Is it worth re-installing the software? I've never had a straight-forward update – its always been a lengthy process of crashing, freezing, then realising that it has updated but wondering if its done so properly as they never give me the thumbs-up.

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