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      Hi there,

      the mini toggle switch for Level Output on the back on my Time Factor is broken – no idea how it happens, but it stuck in one position and is just "wobbly" but no chance to move…

      can anyone tell me if its possible to change this switch and if yes. What switch do i need as a replacement?

      my Time Factor is out of warranty and i am in germany. – sorry for my bad english at this point 🙂

      anyway, i need the option to change between AMP/Line level and i guess the only option to keep it short and cheap is to repair it on my own.

      thanks for infos and help.

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      Eventide Staff

      It's a generally standard switch – a competent technician should be able to find a replacement and install it – probably about 30 minutes work.

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      Hi .-)

      I had the same prob with one of my PitchFactors and found some adequate replacement on the german electronics distributor Bürklin, i'm in Germany, too….

      Check out the APEM TL46WW05000 switches (order No. 08G1556)

      regards, Jens

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      thank you for the infos! thats really cool and make things way easier for me. thank you.

      and sorry for the late reply.

      best regards, Benjamin

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