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        I’m reading through all the excellent threads here trying to learn how my new H9 works.  I’m curious if anyone has a recommendation for a good minimalist setup for a Midi + aux switch rig?

      I run a very simple two dirt pedal A/B loop switch into the H9 then into amps with spring reverb.  It’s pretty minimalist.

      I’d like to have one stomp access to the following:

      • H9 preset Up,
      • H9 preset Down,
      • Activate
      • Tap
      • Tuner
      • and the Performance button (which for me will mostly be slow/fast for leslie algo). Finally I’d love to be able to optionally put in an expression pedal.  

      Right now I have a single H9 with an OX9, but I’m finding myself not really liking the button spacing on the OX9 for live use.  The two aux switches are just too close to the unit for me to hit reliably in combat, so I’ve put them as Aux1 preset up and Aux 2 down and Both (Aux3) as tuner. The H9 is the only midi pedal on that board.

      I think I can get what I’m after using just a 3 button programmable midi controller.  From what I’ve read, I can use a multibank minimalist MIDI controller to handle the “performance button” and the expression pedal (since I don’t want to activate the tuner when I press the pedal all the way down).  Adding looper controller would be a nice bonus.  

      Right now I’m looking at a morningstar MC3 which seem to check all my boxes. I should also mention I have a second H9 on the way for the HxStomp centric board, which I’m pretty sure will need a bigger midi controller, so a Mc3 / mc6 setup is really appealing.


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      I’m using a Disaster Area MIDI Baby 3 on my ‘minimalist’ board.  Running the expression pedal thru MIDI, and leaving the 3 programmable switches for CC commands & sequences.  It leaves the H9 expression pedal port open for EXP, EXP+ 1 Aux switch, or 3 aux switches.

      The MC3 looks to be less of a learning curve for programming, and at least as capable (or more) than the MIDI Baby 3.  The display is a plus, and 4 outputs (albeit with conversion cables).  I would prefer the middle switch placement of the MIDI Baby 3 over the MC3, though.

      With a 2nd H9, you might want to consider putting the two on different MIDI Channels.  I believe you can send strings of up to 16 MIDI messages on each switch action, in either the D/A or Morningstar device.

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      This is a PERFECT case to make your own.


      A MIDI Controller for the Eventide H9.. smoothest yet

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      I’m pretty handy with a soldering iron and a compiler, I hadn’t thought of rolling my own.  I think I have almost all the switches in stock.

      Funnily, I already made the amplifier it’s running into:

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      For real then the coding is trivial for non-programmable switches. Those functions are all so easy.

      Making it bankable or whatever is all very well documented, as well…. and you could always reprogram that functionality in later on.

      You control the form factor, the spacing, the switch height- and it all costs, like, $40.

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