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      This is actually my first eurorack, I have used Arturia keyboard CV out to pitch and gate, then Misha MIDI out (using TypeA TRS-MIDI dongle) to MC101, so I think I have a basic setup now, just trying to learn how to play like Leon !! I also found out CV from Arturia Keystep (32keys) I can not cover all -5 ,-4,-3,-2,-1, 0,1,2,3,4,5 like buttons on Misha, maybe my cv voltage range is wrong?

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      I’m pretty sure you can adjust the voltage output of the keystep via arturia’s control center software.

      Or you can set input range on the MISHA using the setup menu.

      Or you can just use MIDI OUT from the Keystep to midi in of MISHA and forgo CV all together…which may still require some setup on both ends to get whatever results you want.

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      Yes- I concur with Jonbenderr on all points.  I don’t know the Arturia’s output range offhand, but you will want to match its range to the Misha CV In range (or match Misha’s range to its range). Come to think of it, Misha’s CV in range defaults to 0-5V, so unless you’ve changed some defaults you should be able to reach all the intervals (-4 to +4)

      Sometimes keyboards have an octave change key which you might have to use to get the entire range

      Anyway, having said all that, MIDI might be a better option for you.  Triggering the Misha with MIDI also gives you velocity sensitivity, which might be desirable. Using MIDI requires getting a “type A” conversion cable such as this one:


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      Yes, I have type-A TRS-MIDI which I used on Misha MIDI out to MC101, but I only have one, thus I am driving Misha with CV, yes, I

      had to use Keystep Octave key to get to different octave, but seems tedious, I am getting a MicroUSB OTG to try computer keyboard soon.

      So the question, only MIDI can received velocity and aftertouch (on Misha)?


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      Yes, to get per-key velocity on Misha, you need to trigger it with MIDI.  MIDI velocity values are also stored in your tone rows.

      You could also use a pedal that sends voltages to one of the CV in jacks and control velocity that way. (The velocity of a given keypress then would be defined by the voltage of pedal and not the keypress velocity.) This requires some setup in the Cv In menus- let me know if you have such a pedal and need help with this.

      Currently, Misha does nothing with aftertouch, but they will pass through, so your receiving synth can use them.

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