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      Hi everyone,

      I see on the FAQ entry for expression pedals with the H9 that the Mission Engineering SP1-LF is listed as a pedal users have had success with, but I’m not finding any forum threads where anyone addresses their experience with this pedal specifically.

      I’m in the process of overhauling my pedalboard, and I’d like to run an expression pedal with a built-in switch so I can use it for expression+aux functionality, specifically to activate the tuner with the switch while using the expression pedal to control effect parameters. From what I’ve read on Mission’s site, the SP1-LF has a momentary switch, and is wired tip-to-wiper for the expression pedal and ring-to-wiper for the switch. So it seems like it should work but I’m wondering if anyone here has tried this setup and can comment?

      I’ve sent in the same question to Mission’s support, but since it’s NAMM weekend I don’t think I’m going to hear back for a while. I’d appreciate any help anyone could provide!

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      Since I haven’t had any replies, I thought I’d update this with the response I got back from Mission Engineering support. They haven’t tested this themselves, but they think the SP1-L6H, which is their expression pedal for the Line 6 Helix, will work as I’m wanting it to. It’s got a mono out for the expression jack and a momentary switch, so it should meet Eventide’s recommended specs. I’m going to order one and try it out.

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      It would be interesting to know if that expression pedal does work in that configuration.  Just so you know, we did create a document describing a few different possibilities for using an expression pedal together with an aux switch.  This document has all of the options that we know work at the moment.


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      I ordered the SP-1LH and hooked it up to my H9. I was able to get the pedal working the way I want, but with one weird side effect I haven’t figured out yet. With the Mission hooked up using the recommended Hosa insert cable, and following the instructions in the H9 FAQ and manual, I was able to get the switch on the Mission mapped so it activates the H9’s tuner. Initially I was only getting a 0-49 reading from the expression pedal, but after calibrating the expression pedal with the H9, I’m getting full 0-100 sweep on that. So far, so good.

      The one weird thing I haven’t been able to figure out, though, is that when I click the switch to deactivate the tuner the H9 is also going back 1 preset in the preset list. So, let’s say I’m on preset 99, I click the switch on the Mission and the tuner comes on. I then click the switch to deactivate the tuner and the H9 turns the tuner off and moves to preset 98, ready to activate. Very strange. All I can think of is that the switch in the MIssion is latching even though it’s supposed to be momentary, so it’s somehow registering as 2 aux switches being pressed. I’m going to keep messing with this and see if I can get it figured out.

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