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      Hi everyone. Quick question. I wanted to use a ground control pro and a mission ex-25 to control my factor pedals. Is there a way to set up the mission so that it acts as a exp pedal but then when you click the toe down it would automatically turn the wah on in the modfactor? Basically what I'm looking to do is no matter which preset I'm on I want to be able to access the wah by just stepping on it and not have to press another button first.

      Also I'd like the preset to go back to where ever it was before. For example if I have a patch that's using modfactors chorus. Then I step on the mission and the modfactor switches to wah. Then when I step off of the mission the modfactor goes back to whatever it was doing. (In this case chorus). Is this even possible? And if so how do I set it up?

      Thanks in advance

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