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      Hey guys, the Mix and Filter knobs on my TF have been giving me some issues recently and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this or know where the issue may lie.. More specifically, both knobs function as they should, allowing me to mix the dry/wet signal and filter level. But recently, they tend to get jittery and the screen shows the levels bouncing up and down, typically only about 1 or 2%. This happens without me even touching the knobs so I don't know if the issue is electronic or if the pots are bad. Also, I should point out that while the screen becomes spastic with filter and mix levels on the screen, it is impossible to change anything else until it calms down.

      Please help with ANY input! Thanks!!

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      I've had to replace an erratic pot once on one of my three stompboxes.

      I don't recall it being particularly difficult. Eventide had sent me a few replacements. I can't remember how much I paid for them, if anything.

      Good luck!

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