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      I just purchased a Radial Engineering Voco-Loco, which is quite similar to the Eventide Mixing Link.  The Voco-Loco defaults to loop off whenever the power is disengaged.  This an issue for me as I have the unit rack-mounted and want the effected loop to always be engaged when the rack is powered on.

      Can the Mixing Link be set to default to an engaged effects loop when powered on?  I'm thinking of returning Voco-Loco in favor of the Mixing Link, but I'd like to first be sure that the Mixing Link doesn't have the same issue.


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      Hi Rane,

      Currently the Mixing Link is default to FX LOOP > Disengaged on power up.

      At this time there is no 'user' setting to default  FX LOOP > Engaged on power up.

      thx, joe

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      Ah, too bad.  Thanks for the response.  🙂

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