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      I wonder if I could use a Mixing Link on stage to split my signal and send it a) to a stagebox and b) to wired earphones (XVive T9, Sennheiser 215 or similar). For example with a David Gage Realist or a similar pickup on my cello. And at the same time, of course 😉

      I guess I could use the DI Out to connect to the stagebox and the Phones Out to connect, well, to the earphones. Can anybody confirm? On their website, eventide give quite a few examples of where and how to use the Mixing Link, but the use as a headphone amp / personal monitor amp on stage is not among these examples.

      Thanks & kind regards



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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Thorsten,

      Yes, this is possible and I would recommend your suggested use case. The headphone output level is independent of the DI out level, so this would allow you to adjust your headphone mix without changing the DI level.

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      Thanks a lot for your reply!

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