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      I recently purchased a used Mixing Link and I’m having an issue with headroom. I’m experiencing clipping/distortion in the output signal well below the input peak level, right around when the -20 dB light comes on. Input signal is trombone/trumpet played into a condenser mic with phantom power on into the XLR input on the Mixing Link. Distortion is present in the DI/LINE output as well as the headphone output, so it seems to be occuring at the pre-amp itself.

      The unit is still usable, but since I’m unable to put much gain on the Mixing Link preamp, I have to use more gain on the mixer/audio interface, which of course boosts the noise from the DI output itself to excessive levels.

      My only thought for what might be causing this is the power supply. I bought the unit used with no power supply, so I’ve been powering it with a OneSpot daisy chain. The OneSpot is 9V with a max output of 1700 mA, and the Mixing Link draws 500 mA at most, so it should be fine, but I’ve had other pedals (specifically compressors) that give a different amount of headroom depending on the power supply.

      Anyone experience anything like this?

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      Hi Clundeen, 

      Can you check the Gain Switch setting on the side of the unit? It should set for 'low gain' – the button pressed in.

      This should  provide you with enough gain while still having some headroom.

      joe waltz, eventide

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        Hi Joe,

        The gain switch setting is set to low. The issue occurs with the button in both positions (low and high), where clipping occurs 20-30 dB below where the peak should be (red peak LED never comes on).

        The only difference is that on the high gain setting this occurs with the input gain knob turned all the way down, and on low gain it occurs with the input gain knob set to about 12:00.

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